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Major damage to air conditioners and their repair

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air conditioning and all modern appliances, is a very complicated device. As you know, devices need care and regular maintenance. If this is not done, then the damage of air conditioning and future repair (often expensive) is only a matter of time. No need to deceive himself and think that if at 1-St glance, properly, then there is no problem. The fact that the deterioration of performance of air conditioners is very slow and often it is invisible to ordinary users. But, ultimately, accumulation of faults will result in failure of the air conditioner. By the way, repair of air conditioners in Kiev you can here: .

the Prevention of breakdowns

To avoid breakdowns in the future, you must carry out monthly prevention operation. This prevention includes external cleaning of indoor and outdoor units, as well as diagnostics. And now in more detail:

External cleaning of indoor and outdoor units. For quality and complete cleaning of air from dust and poplar fluff, the outdoor unit must be purged with compressed air. But the indoor unit will be enough protiret a moist cloth with detergent.

Diagnosis in all modes of operation (in order to detect hidden damage). The work that is carried out at diagnosis:

  • visually inspect the air conditioning units to determine the presence / absence of mechanical damage, electrical, hydraulic and chassis parts;
  • Check the quality of the clips is absolutely all contact connections of electrical equipment;
  • Check the operability of the air conditioner in the heating mode / cooling (system test using the remote control)
  • Check the indication of different operating modes of the device;
  • Check the tightness of the drainage system of your air conditioner;
  • health Check output shutters with fur. drive;
  • Check the secondary discharge pressure / suction;
  • temperature Control of dry air at the outlet / inlet of the evaporator;
  • Check the tightness of connections EXT. and EXT. blocks.

the Main reasons for breakdowns of air conditioner:

  • freon Leak
  • Pollution filter EXT. block;
  • the Pollution of the external heat exchanger. block.

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