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Luxury brand "Dirk Bikkembergs"

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In the fashion world it is extremely difficult to take a high place and subsequently to write his name in history, but the Belgian designer Dirk Bikkemberg still managed to do it. Immense popularity did not prevent this fashion designer is not to go mainstream and keep its original style. The talent Dirk Bikkembergs noted in 1985 that award as “Golden spindle". The result, thanks to the Belgian manufacturers have turned their attention to designer and 1 year later released the 1st collection of footwear for men's "Dirk Bikkembergs". It was a perfect combination of natural materials, simple lines, convenience and memorable hues. And 3-REE years later in the French capital there is presented the complete collection of men's wear "Bikkembergs", including original knitted models of products.


Specifics brand "Dirk Bikkembergs"

In the opinion of the Dirk Bikkembergs: modern men will look great even in sneakers, jeans and a white t-shirt. In handbags, jackets and other products of the brand "Dirk Bikkembergs" you can also see the minimalist style, but it has no effect on the femininity of girls wearing things of this TM. All collections of this fashion designer are a real explosion in the industry of fashion. The success of Dirk Bikkembergs is a good combination of casual and sporty, which ultimately gives the opportunity to get comfortable, creative and stylish clothes and shoes, worthy of such sports stars as footballer Michael Owen. By the way, he has long been a fan of this TM and even participated in her shows. By the way, in the online store: you can buy original clothing, handbags and boots this luxury brand.


Stuff from the collections

the Convenience and functionality of manufactured by the brand's things not only provide an opportunity to achieve high results in sports, but also delight people and in ordinary everyday life. The collection of the brand "Dirk Bikkembergs" is very popular among connoisseurs of sport and dynamic style. Jackets "Bikkembergs" can satisfy even the most demanding customer. The original design of the clothes and shoes always gives you the opportunity to feel the comfort and to emphasize the dignity of the figure.

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