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Deforming osteoarthrosis: what is it?

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osteoarthritis Deformans  is a disease of the cartilage composition in the chronic form. As the disease according to regeneration of the joint and aging, which arose with the decline in important parts of substances in the cartilage-proteoglycans. By the way, on the website there's an article in which more detail is this issue being discussed.


Main reasons

the Most popular cause of such diseases as osteoarthritis — this is usually a mismatch that occurs between the load directly on the joints and their strength. Personal reasons such a process is considered:

  • heavy weight
  • the
  • the Constant work of standing;
  • the
  • Violation of correct posture
  • the
  • Regular and heavy sports.

What happens?

In this disease, like osteoarthritis often you can see the rapid ageing of the cartilage. Sometimes in certain places the cartilage begins to wear off so much that the bone is exposed. When cartilage is not in the compositions, then the process of the growth of bone tissue on the surfaces of structures — and then you may see a big change in the shape of a joint.
In osteoarthritis often suffer knee and hip joints, although it is a known fact that this disease completely uninsured and another joint.


How does it usually work?

the First stage of the disease: over time you feel pain, which originated in the joints. This usually occurs during active movement. Those people who suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee is very unpleasant to raise or descend, for example, the stairs. In the case where they affect the shoulder joint, it is difficult to move the forelegs. Directly in osteoarthritis of the hip joint the pain you can feel from the hips and back in the knee, it often manifests itself during the walk.
In brief: for this chronic disease attributed pain that occurs during physical activity during the day and her calm occurs  during night. Short-lived again the pain the patient feels after waking up and she begins to take place when you are actively moving.



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