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Why do you have gold ornaments?

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do you Often in my dreams I can see the gold? Rings that gives you loved one or the scattering of gold coins? And can you, as McDuck swimming in a huge amount of money? Today we will try to understand: what it portends for the next day.

  • In many Nations of the world dreams about gold jewelry interpreted as a sign that carries a good move. It usually signifies a light, riches, and even the purity of your thoughts.
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  • If you see it, get ready for what on the robot, you will become highest on the post, and there will be enlightenment and enrichment.
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  • same Unmarried girls, it portends love and getting engaged, and married women – family well-being.
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  • In General, if to speak in a single value that is collected from different sources, it will be released here – destiny will begin an extensive and successful white stripe.

of Course, this is a very short and generalized interpretation of this noble metal. But it will help you in the morning to be in a good charge, and it's just too good. When a person lives with that mindset, he is sure he "draws" in your life something nice and bright.


the Negative side of the dream of gold

Little spoil this picture of a well-known pessimistic British and …Gypsies. They are not like gold or other precious metals! In their opinion, if you dream of something Golden, t, as a man you will become greedy and will bring others in trouble. And the prudish Brits really afraid that gold carries with it the poverty, strife and even fraud in business. But we will still stick to the General opinion of the majority, and optimistic will believe only in the "bright future".

As for me, every man for himself chooses what he will bring one or the other sleep. What matters is how people feel and what they believe. If you believe in good and light, so with you in life and will happen. But if you will be configured, as Roma and to be afraid, you can not escape.

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