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What are the types of medical equipment

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the Medical equipment is a fairly broad concept that includes a large range of medical equipment and technology, which is designed to support the work of medical staff, as well as to create optimal conditions for treatment.

to be able to use the medical equipment and technology - they have to be registered and to have certification of oversight of the special services of the Ministry of Health.

the Most common type of therapeutic medical equipment are: fixtures and equipment that are intended to support the functioning of the body, therapeutic appliances, apparatus for physiotherapy and ULTRASOUND therapy, infusion pumps.

Medical monitors are a separate type of medical equipment. They allow the medical staff:

  • to make a fence of analyses;
  • to track changes in health status of patients;
  • monitor blood pressure, blood and other bodily functions.

Diagnostic equipment is an important element in the successful treatment of patients. These include:

  • x-ray devices;
  • emission and computed tomography
  • apparatus for ultrasound
  • as well as other diagnostic devices, which enable to outline the course of treatment.

when Buying such devices, special attention shall be paid to the choice of provider, as the slightest fault and, as a result, incorrect readings or possible failure of this equipment can cost a person's life.


Surgical equipment

Often the surgical equipment include:

  • surgical lights
  • surgical tables;
  • aspirators
  • suspended console.

For specialized surgical intervention, often used endosurgical and laparoscopic video complexes and devices for cranial, arterial and intracavitary regions of the body. For example, varieties of dental surgical equipment .

Also when surgery is required medical equipment for transporting patients. It: strollers, wheelchairs, transfer units and incubators for transporting newborns.

Fixtures for in-patient care are a distinct variety of medical equipment. This includes the alarm system to call service personnel and equipment, which allows us to calculate the point of call.

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