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What is psoriasis?

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Psoriasis is a disease of connective tissue which primarily affects the skin in the form of "fish scale" - flakes. No need to worry those who believe that the disease is contagious. This is not so. It can occur for many reasons, most often it is a stressful situation and heredity. If one parent had psoriasis, in 17% of cases the disease develops in a child if two parents in 85%.

Risk of psoriasis

Particularly regrettable is the fact that the disease causes disability affects the joints, particularly in people of working age. The fact that a psoriasis “younger”: while in the past the children he had one thousand, now it has become much more often. More information you can read .

Causes of psoriasis

Psoriasis can suddenly as to appear and disappear.

  • If the puberty in children appears psoriasis, with the completion of maturation it can be finished.
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  • When the disease was provoked by stress, is such that when all falls into place and the person calms down, the psoriasis disappears. If timely treatment, the disease will pass and years may not affect. But then again she under any stress and the problems could return.
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  • in Addition to stress and heredity, psoriasis may come along with endocrine diseases, a metabolic disorder. In these cases, the treatment remains the most effective.

the First signs of psoriasis

the First signs of psoriasis - rashes in the form of papules on the elbows and knees. By the way, these places and there are "popular" in psoriasis. Young people often drip psoriasis: all over body rash that looks like water drops. Further rashes covered with scales. Subsequently, the flakes disappear, leaving only pigmentation.
the Psoriasis does not affect overall state of health. If the disease appeared, the spicy dishes and condiments. If diet irritation will disappear, ​​it will confirm its metabolic nature. Psoriasis almost equally affects both men and women, but still slightly more common in men. Most often psoriasis affects people of working age - from 20 to 40 years. However it can appear at any age.

Can be cured with the help of traditional medicine?

the Treatment at home is impossible. There are no folk remedies from psoriasis. At the first symptoms you need to immediately consult a doctor for professional and qualified help. He will monitor the condition, prescribe the right treatment and tell you what needs to be done in the future.

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