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What needs to be cleansed of blood?

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Every person needs to be healthy. God created man physically perfect, giving it a well regulated mechanism that provides the ability to breathe, move, think, act. Causing your own body undeserved, thoughtless, unconscious attacks, we do not even suspect that it is not just harm their health, but mindlessly lose something that is not ours. how to preserve your health, visit the website:


What does "being healthy"?

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity (world health organization).
That is, real health is more than just the absence of disease. This inner harmony, energy, lust for life and the ability to enjoy him. On the contrary, the disease is a violation of the integrity and the body's attempt to include the protective force, an attempt to restore the lost balance. Each symptom is due to a specific cause, and thus removing the cause, we get rid of the symptoms. The disease is like a cry for help, it's just the way the body to heal itself.


What needs to be done to regain lost health?

Direct action - the proper use of the discoveries of medicine to strengthen health, and thus change the quality of life for the better. Talking about the cleaning of blood.

the Health of the body is only possible when healthy will be its structural unit - the cell. The cell performs in the body a great job, breathes, eats, removes the decay products propagated. American scientists have calculated that for the normal life should be about 600 nutrients in a balanced form. With modern, quality products - that's 45 kilograms of food per day!  of Course, the use of such amounts of food by the human body impossible for many reasons. It turns out that as a result daily shortfall of necessary nourishment and intakes of poor quality, refined, pesticides, radiation and heavy metal salts of our cells cannot function properly. And we - ultimately, to live a normal life. In the modern world the term "contaminated body".


What does this mean?

  • Above all, it is the poor condition of the large intestine, which sends the blood in a lot of toxins.
  • the
  • Is a disrupted liver as a body filter that can purify the blood.
  • the
  • It's not a good kidneys, and liver must cleanse the blood, but not quite efficiently carry out their work.
  • the
  • It is a violation of the autonomic nervous system that controls the functioning of internal organs.
  • the
  • are infections and parasites in different parts of the body.

in order to return health to the body, it is necessary to restore the lost integrity of every cell is to take away all the unwanted, feed the need, and maintain this state throughout life.

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