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How to prepare for pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is a wonderful time in every woman's life. No wonder we hear about how a pregnant woman is getting better every day. And it's true. The body begins little by little being rebuilt on a different footing and it is a brand new life. It's very good, but still need to follow some rules in order to have a healthy baby. By the way, you can more information about pregnancy and to know .


Each generation of Russian women and men is becoming painful, and what you need to do to your child born healthy?

Recently in the centre of Moscow many doctors talked about how to prepare for pregnancy and what to do to keep your children healthy. Details about this everyone told Lyudmila Stepanovna Masla - doctor of the highest category with 33 years of experience, aromatherapist, informatiepunt, reflexologist, su-Jok therapist.

the Russian nation becomes increasingly painful, so you need to take seriously the emergence of a baby in your family, and pregnancy in particular. The doctor noted a few things that are very important when preparing to conceive:

  • you Need to eat right, eliminate from your diet harmful products.
  • the
  • to Learn how to breathe correctly.
  • the
  • two months worth to start drinking "folic acid".
  • the
  • to Restrict the level of vitamins, macro - and microelements in the body.
  • the
  • spend More time outdoors (walking within two hours).
  • the
  • to Check the status of the urinary system, digestive tract, hemoglobin in the blood.
  • the
  • to Improve the whole body (rate of recovery, improving immunity).

it is Also important to remember that the life of the expectant mother should be calm, without any stress. Remember that everything that happens to a woman definitely affects the baby. Therefore, try to laugh a lot, walk, eat fruits and vegetables, to enjoy life and not worry. You begin a new life, and you have to see to it that it is much better than it was.

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