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Reviews on treatment abroad

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nowadays, when more and more people who need an efficient and inexpensive treatment, try to find on the Internet reviews many patients on treatment abroad, e.g. in Israel. If You, our dear guest, it is these visitors of a website, then You've come to the right place.

In this section You can read a review about that left one of many patients. Perhaps this is where you can find useful information for yourself, read the real stories of people who have appreciated the high quality of medicine in Israel. Remember that only trained professionals ready to provide expert medical assistance to any who need it.


Patient Galina - review survey in Israel

a Couple of months ago, I was at a reception at the gynecologist. After the usual examination he surprised me with the output condition of my breast and insisted on a very quick surgical procedure. Today I can't convey the feelings that I had after taking. When I pulled myself together and listened to the advice of his close, came to the conclusion that I need to pass full inspection in Israel. Everyone understands that, unfortunately, in our country medicine, including diagnostics of different diseases to stay at a very low level.

I will Not detail to go into all the details, when I arrived in Israel, I was immediately met at the airport by the company's employees who are engaged in medical tourism and accompanied me everywhere. After traversing a consultation at the doctor-mammologa I also had ultrasound and mammography. I was very happy when I delivered the house all diagnoses were confirmed! I advise anyone who has problems similar to mine - to use the program of complex diagnostics (Check-up). Thank you to all the clinic staff for their professionalism and sensitivity to each patient. Good luck in your professional and personal life!

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