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Face cosmetics: how to choose

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the Face is the business card of every girl. The facial skin is very delicate, it responds instantly to any changes in the body, weather changes, etc. So the skin of the face need special care. And only high-quality cosmetics for the face can improve skin color, eliminate various defects, to give it a velvety appearance. This is considered Japanese cosmetics. Line of Japanese cosmetics for the face may include various goods such as various creams, lotions, tonics, serum, gels, foam cleanser, mask, etc. for More info on Japanese cosmetics please read on:.


How to choose the right cosmetics for the face, so as not to harm your skin?

  • First of all, your chosen cream, tonic, gel, etc. should match your skin type. This is the first and basic rule! It should not be disregarded.
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  • don't forget about age. Any product should match your age to be as helpful as possible. Because age affects the type of skin and can change its structure. Not worth it for young skin choose anti-aging and rejuvenating products, as you can achieve return result. For Mature skin also youth line, as it will be ineffective.
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  • the Third rule correct selection of cosmetics is that cosmetics should be selected based on the sensitivity of the skin. The fact that some components are either tool can cause discomfort - burning, itching, redness. This is the sensitivity of the skin - the reaction to a particular product and not an Allergy - a reaction of the immune system. If you have experienced similar symptoms after using cosmetics, it is better to refuse. Try something from the "sensitive skin".
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  • Another helpful hint - avoid buying products that promise you fast and quality solution to all problems. You also must understand that nothing in this world is instantaneous. Yes, and the world was created in seven days.
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  • Choosing cosmetics for the face, do not neglect the storage term. You don't take in food expired milk or rotten meat. Same thing with the face! Manufacturers do not just indicate timing storage means. If the expiration date has passed, immediately refrain from using or purchasing such a cream, lotion, etc. Otherwise this may result in negative consequences. To testify about the corruption of funds, bad smell, a suspicious color and consistency.
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  • to protect yourself from buying poor-quality tools, fakes, it is better to buy Japanese cosmetics for the face in specialized stores. So you get a guarantee and confidence in their health and beauty. Cosmetic products in these stores are stored in appropriate conditions, and in which case, you will be able to return the products, presenting the check, what not to do when buying cosmetics "hand".

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