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Hair loss: causes

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the Problem of hair loss is one of the most painful problems that relate to hair care.

Damaged and breaking hair can still be recovered using special procedures (active care, treatment mask, keratin hair restoration, etc.), but the hair that fell back at any means do not return.

But no need to panic, finding on your pillow in the morning 2-3 hairs. Follical of the hair, the follicle from which hair grows, is able to provide the "life" of an average of 20 hairs.

Thus, from among hair that are in an active growth stage (anagen, lasts 5-7 years, 85% of all hairs), there is always hair that is frozen in the growth (catagen, 1%) and dying (telogen, lasts 100 days, 14% of the hair).

can be considered problematic conditions, when the percentage of telogen hair increases to 20. Then the hair falls out more than time to grow, and this leads to significant thinning of hair and baldness.

in order to start treating hair loss, it is necessary to determine the reasons for the increased percentage of telogen hair.


the Reasons can be many:

  • genetic conditioning;
  • the
  • neurological disorders
  • the
  • liver problems
  • the
  • pregnancy and the like.


Treatments make the diagnosis in many medical centers of our country. With the results you can go to any doctor-trichologist advice and treatment. Unequivocally that treatment will be comprehensive - this specific diet regimen, rest, vitamins, special shampoos and serums. The results of proper treatment available after the first week - loss is minimized, and restored folliculi demonstrate the eye down the newly appeared hairs. The main thing - time to consult a doctor and start appropriate treatment.

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