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Eye examination slit lamp

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This examination is carried out as follows: the patient and physician sit opposite one another and between them is a table with the slit lamp. The height of the tool is put in the Central position of the range, and adjust the eyepieces directly under vision optometrist or ophthalmologist and his interpupillary distance. The height of the instrument table and adjust the head restraint so that the patient feel comfortable. Next, the light beam of the lamp sent directly to the patient's eye. In that case, if the patient has an increased sensitivity to light and this inspection was causing him discomfort, then into his eyes buried medications for local anesthesia.

the Beam of light that passes through the slit diaphragm and as a result forms a kind of luminous cut of the optical structures of the eyeball. This optical slice and examined by the ophthalmologist directly through the microscope. For all that the doctor can change the intensity, length and width of the light beam. Changing the types of lighting, contrast and filters under a microscope can detect minute changes in the eye tissues. In order better to see for yourself the damage eye the cornea stained with special dyes: green lissamine, fluorescein and rose Bengal dye.

depending on the type of lighting there are a couple of methods of biomicroscopic examination with :

  • Direct lighting diffuse light. In this case, the light beam is focused directly on the target area of the eye;
  • Indirect illumination. In this case, the light beam focus in the vicinity of the investigated area of the eye;
  • AC. It is a combination of 2 of the above-mentioned methods;
  • Study in reflected light. In this case the rays are reflected from the eye bottom or the iris of the eye;
  • Study in transmitted light. In this case, the focus of light directed on an opaque screen located behind the eye tissue that is investigated, and the light, in turn, is reflected from the screen light and eye tissue.


using this device it is possible to diagnose opacities in the vitreous body, lens and lyubeyshie abnormalities on the cornea. And additional aspherical lenses give the opportunity to do a fundoscopy and diagnose subtle changes of the choroid, retina and vitreous. In addition, modern slit lamp makes it possible to calculate the depth of the anterior chamber of the eye and the thickness and other parameters of the cornea.

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