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How to choose a quality ball for fitness

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an exercise ball or a ball made of rubber for fitness today has become important and indispensable in intense sports training. Exercises that perform with this ball, make stronger the ligaments and muscles and they help to develop coordination and take pressure off the spine.

Many experts have already developed many sets of exercises that are performed with the exercise ball for those who wish to lose weight, strengthen different muscle groups and is ideal for children and for pregnant women. A well-chosen goal can help you achieve a successful effect during the practice and also contribute to improving the physical condition of the person and will deliver you a lot of cheerfulness. After passing , you will be able to learn more about the goals for fitness.


Which of the rules you need to follow during the selection of fitball?

  • To ensure that all exercises that are performed with the ball has brought a good effect, you need to choose the right fitball. It must fit your weight and height. Thus, in the case where the height of a man already comes to the level of 155 cm, the diameter of the ball to that person shall be - 45 - 55 cm; from 155 to 169 - 55 cm; the height is from 170 to 185 cm, it is best to fit the ball, which has a diameter of 65 cm; 185 cm tall - fitball - 75 cm. For children I recommend to buy a ball 30 cm in diameter.
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  • You also should not forget about the weight: if your weight exceeds the norm by several times, we recommend buying the ball, which will be of great size.
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  • high quality is made the ball must be elastic. If you press the hand on it, it needs springs, and on the surface you won't be able to see some or dents.

so today you learned about how to choose the ball for training fitness. Important to buy only quality stuff, and then they will delight you and your loved ones. And changes to the figure you will see for a very brief time.


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