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Ten interesting facts about women's depression

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If a woman overcome feelings such as: self-pity and despair, then know that they suffer from a great many women around the world. The feelings are vivid manifestations of depression, which is going into homes these women gradually destroys their lives. That is why if you have depression and stress, we need to treat them, without a doubt, on time, very fast, and most importantly – effectively. In this article we will tell you what key and how it directly flows. As they say, the enemy must know in person.

  • Women's depression is a disease in which it is simply impossible to live a full, normal life;
  • the large majority of doctors are not able to recognize the symptoms of this disease. Unfortunately, in most cases, depression and stress cause a mark on the patient for years, and doctors instead of diagnosing depression, I conclude that this is a temporary human weakness;
  • Women, unlike men, are doubly affected by this disease. Why such a huge number of the fairer sex suffer from depression? The answer is simple – the essential role played by hormonal differences between women and men. For example, girls and boys suffer from the disease equally, but with age girls become more predisposed to this mental illness;
  • Anxiety and depression are common in women of all ages, but are more likely to fall into depression in women of childbearing age. During pregnancy of depression about 10 % of women;
  • Depression can be the result of certain medications or be a symptom of another disease;
  • In women the disease can occur in: medium, heavy and light forms;
  • Depression characteristic of the relapses. Only 1 of 5 women suffering from this disease, gets sick 1 time, and the remaining 80 % suffer from relapses of depression;
  • Depression may cause health problems. It can cause osteoporosis and heart disease;
  • Treatment of this disease it is effective for approximately 80-90 % of patients women.

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