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Water filters: the basic types

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Drinking the water that comes out of the tap, in most towns and cities not the best quality. Even if this water is purified at the station, all exactly rotten old water pipes will do their dirty work and in the end have to look for an artesian spring or purchase bottled water, which is not always feasible.

From current situation, there is a 1-in output – and that the purchase of household water filter. Initially, you should conduct a water analysis from your water, in order to understand what exactly it needs to be clear - though it can be done only in the laboratory. Often people buy the generic filters or trust the salesperson. Next, we'll talk, what are the types of water filters and tell us about them Ivanov K. E. - editor of the website: where you can find interesting information about water and water treatment.


Types of filters for water purification. Their "+" and "-".


Cumulative filters

these products Often resemble a pitcher. In this capacity, pour water on top, which then flows through the cartridge that filters and accumulates at the bottom of the tank.

the Pros of this device:

  • no problems with water overflow;
  • mobility.

Because the filter cartridges are removable, and the water from different contaminants you can clear many times.


  • a small resource removable filter
  • low efficiency
  • this jug is a limited capacity, which is why in order to filter a lot of water you will need to spend a lot of time;
  • cartridges of filters-jugs is not a very good level of treatment.

Flow water filters

They come in 3 types:

  • on the tap Nozzle. Their main advantages are: compact size and the possibility of seamlessly and quickly fix such a filter on any faucet. But the main disadvantages are: the need to monitor the overflow, low productivity and short life time;
  • Filters average purity. Often they are a small size cylinder with the possibility of the addition thereto of water + tap for the already purified water. The data filters: a good level of treatment, high productivity and longer lifespan. The disadvantages include the need for the selection of the site near the mixer directly to the filter. To connect the filter to the faucet must as needed
  • Filters of the highest purity. The most expensive and the most effective options. Among all examined variants, the filter characteristic of the best cleaning and performance. They have a huge resource (about 15 tons of water). Looking at these characteristics, we can say that all costs will pay off quickly enough.

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