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If you experience pain in the legs, swelling and varicose veins doctor, of course, advise you to change: diet, lifestyle and stress. To this list can also be added and compression stockings. Next, we will talk about compression tights. By the way, in Ukraine the highest quality you can buy in the online store:

If you notice the appearance of heaviness in the legs, swelling and "stars", then you need to start prevention of varicose veins, namely to buy a Vien compression stockings (tights). This Jersey creates a kind of frame, which, in turn, supports venous vessels and protects them from the intense stretching. The pressure on the walls of the veins making them thinner the lumen that directly prevents blood clots, and leads to an acceleration of blood flow in venous vessels. From this comes up that compression of the soft tissues of the tibia can protect the lower extremities from fatigue, muscle pain and swelling. But the compression of the venous walls supports the valves of the veins and prevents the blood to stagnate.

Compression is able to compress the lower legs with a force, which is enough to ensure that blood does not stagnate, while venous vessels are not swollen. The pressure in compression stockings (stockings), in contrast to the panty-pulling-down device, is distributed from the bottom up, that is on the way to the thigh it is minimal, in the neighborhood of the knee - the average, and the ankle neighborhood is the largest. In the abdomen and thighs there is no pressure at all. In this Vien compression stockings will greatly accelerate the outflow of blood from venous vessels of the legs.


Types of compression tights

Compression stockings are therapeutic and preventive. They differ one from 2 by the compression ratio. So:

  • preventive have the 1st degree of compression: < 18 mmHg;
  • have medical 2 nd - 4 th degree of compression: 20 - 40 mmHg.

Prophylactic compression stockings can be purchased in the conventional store or the pharmacy. They do not require a medical certificate. And medical compression stockings prescribed by a doctor, sold only in hospitals and mandatory medical certification.

protivovarikoznoe to Wear compression tights in the morning on raised feet, getting out of bed. 

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