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To cook Armenian dishes - great art!

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Armenian dishes popular around the world, but few people know that the process of cooking these dishes is very complex and long. This cuisine is common to use different methods of technological processing. This refers to that products are often stuffed, whipped, cooked some tasty blends that resemble a puree or a souffle, and then they all connect. is a delicious, complex cooking and terrific fun.


Armenian cuisine is Also rich in minced meat dishes:

  • Kololik (this is a delicious soup with meatballs);
  • the
  • Kololak (small meatballs, which are prepared from minced meat with different fillings-rice, spicy greens, egg  – which are usually fried in butter);
  • the
  • Cutlet;
  • the
  • Dolma (a dish that is reminiscent of stuffed cabbage rolls, stuffed with minced meat with other ingredients and very tasty gravy).

Often prepared in Armenia many of the dishes it is from natural meat (e.g., shish kebab, which here is called khorovats) and poultry entirely. They're so delicious!


Using complex cooking

Also in Armenian cuisine very often use the most complex types of heat treatment. There is no dispute that the time it takes a lot. Especially a long and difficult process, usually in the preparation of various confectionery products. Some dishes of fruit and nuts in this kitchen can prepare a couple of weeks!


Main features of Armenian cuisine

Another feature of this cuisine is the fact that they use more quantity of hot and spicy additives and also salt. However, the highlanders give their preference to some salt foods a lot less than people in the lowlands, where the climate is much warmer. The reason is very simple: in the heat the human body loses more salt and to fill this gap is necessary due to the right diet.


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