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Blood clots: why do they appear?

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Many experts think that all the blood clots are a very serious problem. Very often it is fraught with the fact that there is a violation of blood flow and there are serious problems with the heart. By the way, that you can read on the website:


What are blood clots?

For a number of many reasons all the deep veins, often in the legs exposed to the fact that the formation of small blood clots. This is called a thrombus. These blood clots can cause a change of blood flow, and is therefore, in some cells does not reach the oxygen, and in some places formed and stagnation.

Doctors say that thrombosis is very often found in the veins of the hips, pelvis and even legs. Chest and hands confirmed the thrombosis is much less common, although sometimes there can be seen. The danger lies in the fact that the resulting blood clots appear directly in the deep veins. The translucent surface is not all people, but in some they can be very easy to see.


Why are there blood clots?

Causes of blood clots there are a lot, and to say exactly what kind of disease provoked them, can be very rare. However, all good experts say that often the full formation of blood clots is due to the fact that there is slow circulation, rapid blood clotting, and also violated some celestone shell of the vessel.

a Different sort of injury, difficult childbirth, surgery, being in bed during an illness for a long time, the constant use of oral contraceptives – these are all important factors that can cause this disease. But however, this is not always the case. By the way, many surface veins there are also already starmovies clots. Often it is triggered by different infections, severe injuries, injections, especially when administering drugs, or in treatment for a long time.


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