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How to choose a septic tank for the cottages

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All the people constantly use the toilet or bath. Therefore, our life is very closely associated with the regular consumption of water and the formation of a lot of wastewater. Order all types of dirt does not affect our environment, every home definitely need has drainage.

today the system of recycling of many waste perform its main functions, and thanks to them many people can take advantage of everything you need for life without the availability of Central sewer. Here we are talking about what you need to choose the right local cleaning system in the temporary accommodation. Today many technologies are on the market a simple and very quick solution to this problem - high-quality sewage treatment plants-septic tanks. By the way, today you can choose on the website: http://xn----ftbebndkkrkbeyqd3cwl.xn--p1ai.


What is the volume of the septic tank?

the Septic tank, if not to take into account from which it was made, must have its own volume, which will be the same as three times the daily inflow. For example, if the room is live five people and consume 200 liter in 24 hours, the amount of the chosen septic tank needs to be 200*5=1000. This leaves them that a three-fold size is 3*800= 2400 litres So you should be sure to opt for the septic tank, the amount of which will not be less than 2400 litres


Form of septic tank

When choosing a septic tank is also important to take into account its shape. In form it needs to be deep, because its additional parameters will be made a bit understated, and this will consequently lead to the deterioration of cleaning. It is clear that in this case, wastewater is much less time will be in the septic tank, and as a result - worse to come clean. If we consider on the other hand, it is small, but not too deep a septic tank is not a good option. Remember that the minimum depth of the septic tank of the future must be 1.3 meters from the water level.

so now you know how to choose a septic tank in order to bring you only pleasure and comfort. Have a nice shopping!

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