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How to choose meat

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Distinguish chilled, cooled, and ice cream. The signs of quality chilled, cold meat similar among themselves. For example, they have a dry surface.


Ice cream meat: everything you need to know about him

  • frozen meat when tapped emits a clear sound;
  • the
  • Its color on mine and on the surface of the red, becomes bright red when heated from a meat carcass with your finger;
  • the Smell of  frozen meat can only be determined when it thawed; the

  • Color of the meat, which is re-frozen, on the surface dark red, and the cut cherry red. By the way, if you're interested in how to prepare fresh meat, more information about this you can read on the website:

why brand meat?

Meat is mandatory brand. According to this, if you buy meat, for example on the market, from the carcass - try to look at the mark. It is important to know which is suitable for the preparation of meat in slaughterhouses put the stigma quadrangular form (except horse meat), and in the meat processing industry apply a round seal; if You saw the mark of triangular shape and red color - beware – this meat is not fit for use. For horse meat - a mark is placed an octagonal red shape with the words “horse”. On any other types of meat, nor triangular, nor the octagonal shape of the stigma does not happen! The modern shops of the brands you certainly will not see, but to determine the color of the meat you can, and also needs to require You to give it a sniff, and better and poke it through the plastic bag, or required to do it seller hand-in-glove.



Home-broken bird - hens, chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks. Skin color of the carcass quality should be yellowish-white with a pink tinge, and the beak is shiny, clean, bouncy. Spoiled birds beak has a matte color. Eyeball falling on the skin under the wings and on the back of the carcass appear yellow-gray spots with a greenish tint. And already very spoiled bird gives out a smell of damp rot. The insides become soft consistency, green color and sharp rotten smell.


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