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Sweaty feet: what to do?

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If you have sweaty feet, of course, it is not very nice, but not deadly. It seems so, but this problem adds to people some discomfort. For example, those people whose feet smell unpleasant, much too shy in the presence of outsiders to change the shoes in replaceable footwear, as well as walk-in guests. In addition, the unpleasant smell makes it impossible to choose a new pair of shoes in stores. Is this issue nothing can be done? Just the same, on the contrary, it is possible! And methods, how to permanently remove body odor from your shoes, there is a huge variety: from folk and ending with  medical (see more details ).


What are some causes of sweating feet

the Main cause of unpleasant odor emanating from the feet is excessive sweating. Human feet have about 1000 sweat glands, which during the day to produce 0.2 l of sweat! And in that case, if the person is constantly on his feet, leads an active lifestyle and plays sports, his feet sweat even more. It is established that the composition of sweat only salt and water. That is why the source of the odor is bacteria that multiply. During the day, sweating all over the body. Due to the fact that the person wears socks and closed shoes for bacteria there is a very favorable environment.

so, unpleasant odor from the feet is facilitated by such factors as:

  • synthetic socks;
  • closed footwear and also shoes made from artificial material, which is “not breathing";
  • active lifestyle that enhances perspiration;
  • the excitement, fears, stress, diseases of the nervous system;
  • the inability to change socks and take a shower, as well as long-wearing 1st pair of shoes.

How to prevent foot odor?

you Need every day to change socks, even if you think that they are almost clean. It is better to change and wash, because the next day the odor will intensify.

you Need to only purchase socks made of natural fabrics, so that the content of synthetic materials in them was minimal.

do Not wear 1 well and the same pair of shoes for more than three years. Each season, store at least two pairs of shoes and change them - then the shoes will catch some fresh air. Also regularly change and clean the insoles.


Tips on how to reduce sweating of the feet:

  • every day you need to wash your feet with antibacterial soap;
  • the feet have to RUB the cream for the normalization of sweating, which can be easily purchased at the pharmacy or store;
  • Use the paste Teymurova, which may be a couple of applications to save you from unpleasant foot odor for the long term;
  • Buy a cream containing deodorizing substances, and use deodorants, antiperspirants for the feet. All this reduces perspiration;
  • Use the boric acid powder, talc or baby powder, this will absorb odors;
  • If sweating is very strong, try to daily wash your feet with a solution of potassium permanganate (pale pink) or every day, do the bath with a glass of vinegar and warm water (during the week only about 15 - 20 min);
  • on the night Lubricate your feet with lavender oil, then put on socks and go to bed. Rose oil not only prevents the growth of bacteria, but smells good.

If all of the above tips will not help you, then it is best to consult a doctor. He will be able to identify the causes of sweating feet and will prescribe special medication.

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