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What to do if after implantation of the tooth you feel pain?

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there Are cases that the person is given an implant, and it hurts. In General, after implantation of the tooth, the pain is average or small extent during odnogo or two days - it's quite a normal situation and this does not mean that something went wrong. The problem is that when setting the dental implant (even with the most gentle and delicate) like any surgical procedure injury occurs. However, modern medical technology makes it possible to reduce tissue trauma to a minimum. Such pain is easy to stop using pain pills (nays, ketorol, etc.). By the way, if you are in Minsk and then to correct the situation you will help in the dental clinic “Tooth Fairy”:


What to do if after the procedure you still have a toothache?

the 1st and foremost, You should alert pronounced, intense and prolonged pain, which Nepogoda more than five days. If you have similar pain symptoms and swelling, redness and drainage from directly under the gums, in the location set of the dental implant need to urgently contact your dentist. It's possible that need irrigation, surgical wound revision, cleaning tissue bed of the implant with the future suturing.

Causes of inflammation can be:

  • Smoking and, as a result, reduction of mucosal healing;
  • contact  bacteria in the wound loosely sutured through its territory;
  • bone overheating, which may occur in consequence of non-compliance with the surgical Protocol for the implantation procedure;
  • the formation of a blood clot between the gum and the implant, with the future of its swelling. Such inflammation leads to inflammation of the tissues surrounding the implant and causes perimenter.

Preimplanted is an inflammation of the tissues that surround a dental implant. Often, the disease can be stopped in time. To do this the surgeon using special tools sanitizes and cleans tissues that are swollen. He unscrews the cap, holds the flushing thread and the inner surface of the implant, then fix the cover back, as well as the sutures.

from time to Time, with the formation of bone pockets, the technique of grafting bone-forming material using membranes. After that, the patient undergoes 4 / seven-day anti-inflammatory drug therapy. If the inflammation be repeated, then the dental implant is inverted, dogadayutsya calming down inflammation, and only after complete healing make re-implantation.

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