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Methods treatment "CSTOCK" on his feet

May 15 2016

Klocka (bump) on non - TSE the great deformation palce. Yak Podolia website : "the reason in 99 % most cases : not komentowane cross ploskostopie.


Chi potrebna operation?

Hruska, vidalina kostochki - today one of the most popular warants treatment. Thus, the operation of the Yak method pozbavlennya od "stocki (cones)" stop got a number mosw, head, s yakogo - tymczasowy effect. Really, vidalina "bumps" on the way pals operativni not usuwa the very reason zacharovanna - ploskostopie. As a consequence - 3-5 years problem Vinica znovu.

Shte one znacznie nedak such a radical treatment zasobu "cstock" - trival rehabiltate hour to 4 - 6 months. Pact guilty to go through VSI trudnos posleoperatsyonnoho period - ble, bloated, Sagna SUV, abmient runlevel scope and nod I nakladany GPS, postline mode.

moreover, Yak I for whether ACO operas, there is the toll-pewni of vasotec negative naslov (uskladnenie, nicowania, Allergy I. T. D.).


Complex treatment "cstock (cones)" on the feet

good Skin likar, pragne when lkuhn Domotica I stikova the maximum effect when minimalrome risiko for pacta. The same fact, on the day ciogodnichnyu lcar-ortopedi, zastosowanie butaperazine treatment, snow yaky lezhit usunennya ploskostopie, and takozh wrong raspodele navantazhennya on the foot. I sticky positive result dosages without operat. Pass BL, zapalenia, Kostochka peresta to grow, and next I postupovo Sensus.


Evropeyskiy Protocol treatment stocki on nos

Protocol treatment skladatelja s complex RSNA zachodu I procedures. Number of first frequency manual problems procedures likar priznatsa ndile, fallow od stud zacharovanna. Part of them are in Domashni umovah:

  • Shock-therapy chwilowa Robbia Hramova narst, Oostende, tkanini on stop, and takozh processes zapuska "lively" organovo of zagloba;
  • Lcoally massage ng I stop vdnulu rulist suglobov elasticity of I m Azovo-star'yazkovo the apparatus. Stop gotta to bezbolno corect. Massage robotica for ng povnistyu - od cnecv palcu to the pelvis. Desagana for maximum effect in a skin session vkluchaetsia procedure teplokeram I formuvannya hardware sklepni scope;
  • Marihuanna sklepni I took, opori scope - supine rest "cstock", poverty stop , prirodn amortizing functions, usuwa the negative vpliv ploskostopie. The correction is sdissues for relief ndili, ortopedichnij ustack. On dodatok zastosovuyutsya, ortopedichne vzuttya;
  • Adjust the position of the great palce. Vykorystovuyutsia ortopedichny splint Hallux I silanov miparti partition. Dodanna great palce perform to postupovo, zmenshennya deformat;
  • zanyattya conducted by in rehabiltation center dozvolyayut, priority process treatment I secreti result. Have included zanyattya conducted by reabilitaciya gymnastica, yoga, heat therapy, muscle toning, massage and others;
  • Lcoally scultura SMTN m yahzee scope, zabezpiecze pravilno robot suglobov. Vicosa skin day in the home. For trenovane ng it is possible to use, mazaheri, kilimci, hodna bosons for narvestad;
  • Aparate massage Mikonos for profilaktiki in the home, bezposrednio zakonchena after treatment;
  • Method of life. Health method of life in STL treatment "cstock" this means vdovu od model vzuttya dwellers, Unicode pavimento / snizeno navantazhennya for ng (cheluvina navantazhennya I Docenko, control vagi). Obov'yazkovo push stroke osogo life . none ustack, lcoally scultura, aparaty massage.


Protection ogledi lcara podiatrist, rekomenduetsya times in half a year. Descriptions of complex zachodu dozvola, prebrati "stocky" on his feet without operat I medicaments, and takozh this rain is for long (dacrymyces description method life - nazavzhdi) secreti, trimani the result.

Translated by "Yandex.Translate": translate.yandex.ru.

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