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Common myths about laser hair removal

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Laser epilation is the procedure of removing without damaging the skin the hair follicle. After laser exposure, the treated hair is destroyed, then fall out and never grow. The laser destroys the melanin (dark pigment) that is located directly inside the hair.

in Order to fully ostranenie, the maximum number of hairs (from seventy to ninety-five percent) wanted to have the whole course of laser hair removal procedures with an interval of 45 – 60 – 90 days. This technique, like , really gives the opportunity for a long time or  forever radically solve the problem with unwanted hair on the human body. This technology already exists and is applied in practice > 20 years. But around this procedure, there are a number of myths that distort human perception of it, as well as its possibilities.


Myth # 1. This procedure is harmful to health, because the laser has a bad effect on internal organs

Directly when epilating laser beam penetrates the skin 1 to 4 mm, reaching only hair follicles, then it is 100 % dissipated and deeper skin does not penetrate, sliding on its surface and without damaging it.


Myth # 2. This procedure causes ingrown individual hairs, and scarring

In laser hair removal skin integrity is not broken, so the scarring can't be. Ingrown hairs are not found in this procedure. Moreover, this method is recommended to eliminate such manifestations.


Myth # 3. It is very expensive

Well, it depends what you are comparing. Just calculate how much per year you will need to spend money to buy different tools for hair removal. And for the rest of my life? And now calculate the cost of a course of laser hair removal (six to eight sessions with an interval of 60 - 90 days and all). Now just compare these figures.


Myth # 4. It hurts

Here are all individually and depends on the pain threshold of a particular person. When the laser hair removal sensation that can be called unpleasant. But if you compare with mechanical depilation and workerowned, they hurt a lot more!


Myth # 5. Laser hair removal can remove blond hair

Laser “sees” lanugo, gray, or blond hair and, as a result, will not remove it.


Myth # 6. For the 1st time, you can remove the hair forever

For the 1st time, unfortunately, it is impossible to obtain the desired 100% results. The laser light absorbs only a “Mature” of the hair follicles. At the same time on the human body to be 5 - 20% of those follicles. In the future, have already destroyed follicles will not grow, but grow new hair. So, a complete cycle of change all of the hair is 8 - 24 months. Often through 48 months after 4 treatments of laser hair removal grows < 40 percent of hair. To this effect you should expect.


Myth # 7. On tanned skin this procedure can't be carried out

of Course, in the skin when tanning produces melanin that is an immediate target for the laser, that is, in this case, the burn risk is growing of course. But, today there is equipment that with proper selection of programs makes it possible to provide excellent results without damaging the skin to tan.


Myth # 8. The laser causes the appearance of skin tumors

skin Neoplasms - this is a direct contraindication for this procedure. Oncogenic action are ultraviolet waves (320 - 400 nm) that are not present in the laser beam.

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