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What is halotherapy?

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Halotherapy (or salt therapy) is one method of non-medicamental rehabilitation and treatment of respiratory organs with the use of microclimate of underground salt mines and karst caves. This method is used for the prevention and treatment of bronchial asthma, pathology of the upper Airways, respiratory Allergy.


Using salt lamps

in order For the effect after completing a full course of treatments lasted longer, we recommend you to use at home with whole fragments of rock salt.


When to use speleotherapy children?

Children speleotherapy is recommended from the age of three. The duration of such treatments for children - from 10 minutes, with a gradual increase up to 20. The average duration of treatment course is ten treatments. To carry out this treatment, doctors recommend three years of age. However, it happens that the procedure is necessary much earlier. Often parents bring their children for the third or fourth time in a year. Say convinced it helps. So bring your baby, even for prevention. After a course of treatment, according to them, the children improved sleep, easier breathing. Besides, less concerned about the cold. In the fall and spring this procedure for prevention is needed by all. It's the end of the season, when the "rage" of acute respiratory illness.


When is the best time to carry out this procedure?

However, this procedure is not desirable to place in the period of exacerbation of the disease. It is better to do, for example, in August-September or February-March. To prepare for outbreaks of SARS.



Since ancient times, the monks were placed patients with respiratory problems in salt caverns. There they are crushed ​​the stalactites, creating a salt dust. Them patients breathed and felt a substantial relief. In Europe salt treatment was first used in Poland. In the mid-nineteenth century industrial physician Felix Bochkovsky noticed that salt mine workers "Velichko" near Krakow does not suffer from asthma. Subsequently, this mine has opened the first "pulmonary salt hospital."

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