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This medicinal shoes are made individually, in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor

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In recent times orthotic shoes have become very popular. Thanks to advertising, many consumers consider it to be a means of solving all problems with the feet. So instead of having to go to the doctor, go to the store. But most often, these shoes are not helping and the disease continues to progress.

got into this ​​the situation and chernivchanka love the Kalita. The woman claims that was sure matched shoes in the store will help to eliminate “bone” on foot, because I heard that this type of curvature is adjusted. Purchased a pair of special shoes in store.

- the Shoes were comfortable enough, but the improvement over three months of wearing them was not felt, - says chernivchanka. - When went to the doctor, it turned out that the purchased shoes were preventive rather than curative. The result, she did not, because intended for healthy feet.

Doctors say that the reason is lack of understanding by patients of the fact that it is impossible to cure different strain of the same shoes.

- primarily orthopedic shoes need to maintain the correct position of the foot, - says Sergey Bilyk, head of orthopedic and trauma center Department of orthopedics and traumatology in the city of Chernivtsi. - All orthopedic shoes can be divided into 2 groups: therapeutic and prophylactic.

- Buying orthopedic shoes, be sure to ask for proof of her quality: for a children's certificate, and for adult - sanitary-hygienic examination, - says Anatoly Strieborna, chief specialist Inspectorate for consumer protection in the Chernivtsi region is Also an important indicator of the quality orthopedic Shoe is its registration in the Ministry of health.


To the store or to the doctor?

Orthopedic shoes and insoles that are sold in the store are generic, but it's not always good, " says S. Bilyk. - In order to achieve a positive result, the footwear is made individually, in accordance with the characteristics of feet. The effectiveness of wearing such shoes must evaluate doctor. Shoes purchased in the store is suitable only for preventive purposes, but in any case not for treatment. By the way, orthopedic salon that will make you a custom orthotic insole for the treatment of various forms of flatfoot.

What is your opinion of the shop assistants of the shops orthopedic shoes?

- Orthopedic shoes is curative. It can be used for treatment and prevention, says the seller-consultant, orthopedic Shoe store, Julia Spawnbroker. - It has an orthopedic sole with arch support, stiff heel counter, which helps fix the leg at correct position, and orthopedic footbed. Model insoles pick up separately according to the doctor's recommendations in accordance with the diagnosis. There are also preventive insoles that can be put in normal shoes. They are especially needed for people who walk a lot, and those who have standing work.

Despite the advice of doctors, the demand for orthopedic footwear is constantly growing. Most often, according to the sellers, buy children's footwear.

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