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How to preserve vision for as long as possible, working at a furious pace at the computer

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so ended all the spring holidays. We are back in the maelstrom of business problems, negotiations, spending a significant portion of their time on computers. But our eyes, especially with age, you get tired faster, vision decreases, life loses its colors. How to avoid eye diseases to reduce the harmful effects of stress and other factors, to preserve their view of the world clear?


the doctor's Opinion: a day at the computer?...

the Most pressing problem in our time - long stay at the computer. Not going to talk about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, pay attention to the monitor. Have you ever noticed that, looking at it, we, spellbound, stop blinking? The harmful effects of magnetic fluctuations leads to impaired production of tears, in turn, causes dryness of the conjunctiva. This phenomenon is accompanied by a feeling of sand in eyes, cramps. There is a so-called “dry eye”. Prolonged stimulation of the visual analyzers leads to a decrease in vision - image become fuzzy, eyes get tired quickly. To reduce the negative effect, the eyes need to be protected. Ophthalmologist suggests, first of all, to buy special protective eyewear. By the way, to restore sight will also help .


the Correct organization of the workplace

Such glasses are needed and people with good vision.  the Second stage - the proper organization of the workplace. The monitor should be placed slightly lower so that you look down on him at the angle 15-30 ° to the horizon or line-of-sight. This will help greatly reduce stress, the eyes are half-closed eyelids and a less tired. To get rid of dryness in the eyes is good to use special drops, for example, the preparation is "Artificial tears". Every 15-20 minutes take small breaks, taking your eyes from the monitor and looking into the distance.


Proper nutrition

If you notice that a eyesight is beginning to fall, pay attention to your diet. Try that it is, first of all, balanced.  the diet must be fortified with vitamins a and E. it is Very good to use vitamin supplements based on bilberry extract.


Points-chameleons: the advantages

in Winter, most of us have unpleasant sensations - pain in the eyes, watering from the action of cold air, cold wind. If a person sees bad, she offered to purchase sunglasses-chameleons, which have the dual function - correct vision and protect eyes from harsh light. If the vision is fine, but there is increased reaction to bright light, it may be advisable ordinary sunglasses, because squinting from the blinding white lights, we do not only spoil vision, but also added extra wrinkles.


the opinion of the beautician: your eyes are beautiful ...

And now back to the matter at hand - the eyes are not only the organ that helps us to see, it is the mirror of the soul. And they should be fine. But what if there are dark circles, puffiness, redness? And this is also the negative impact of a business lady at the computer. What to do with crow's feet that Mar the life the best half of mankind?


eye Care in winter - a special theme. Therapist recommends:

Thin and delicate skin around the eyes needs special care, especially in winter. The main focus is on the means for removal of make-up and skincare with plant oils and polysaccharides. Once or twice a week should be special procedures using products that contain ceramides, bisabolol, panthenol, aloe and other useful components. These funds relieve swelling and tension, increase elasticity, help to preserve the moisture and restore the skin.

But for tired eyes are essential to all of the familiar grandma's recipes: lotions of decoction of chamomile or parsley. Applied for 20 minutes, then apply a nourishing or vitamin enriched eye cream, easily killing his fingertips on the lower eyelids. It is important to protect your eyes from sunlight with sunglasses and from time to time to do this exercise: look intently on the bridge of his nose, and then on the tip of the nose until, until a feeling of fatigue.

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