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Features of Dukan diet

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unlike most priemuschestvenno all diets aimed at quick weight Atkins diet enables a stable to keep the received body weight for a long time. If to tell in few words, if you got rid of the extra pounds with this diet - be sure that you never come back.

This diet aims ​​to limit consumption of carbohydrate foods and high consumption of foods that contain protein. To eat this system you can day at any time convenient to you. Here there are absolutely no restrictions, which may cause you guilt. But for those who want to lose weight, still need to adjust their menu daily, eliminating carbohydrates and include foods that contains huge amount of protein. More detailed information can be found on the website:


the principle of the Dukan diet

the Whole program of weight is divided into four stages. Each of which has its own name:

  • Step # 1 - "Attack";
  • Stage 2 - "Cruise";
  • Step # 3 - Consolidation;
  • Step 4 - "Stabilization".

During the 1st stage, you need to eat only foods that are rich in plant and animal protein. The body is "attacked" protein compounds and, as a result, the person starts to lose excess weight. At this stage, the person often loses somewhere of 4 pounds excess weight.

On the 2nd phase the foods that contain protein and add more vegetables. Alternating with protein, you can eat almost all vegetables (except corn, peas and potatoes). At this stage people tend to lose up to 1 pounds of excess weight.

During the 3rd stage, the consolidation of the results achieved. You can start to eat such familiar products as: sweets, pasta, bread and fruit. As before, 1-in, day a week you eat only protein foods. And now every day you need to eat 2 tablespoons of oat bran 3 tsp of honey.

During the 4th stage, envisages a gradual return to your former diet, but now you still add and daily physical exercise. Also, now every day you need to eat 3 tbsp of oat bran and 1-in day a week to eat only protein foods.

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