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Laser therapy: what is it?

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the Laser therapy is called the therapeutic use of optical radiation, which in this case is the laser. Next, we'll talk about the basic techniques of laser therapy and tell us about them, Khalilov R. S. - doctor of a multidisciplinary center for laser medicine “”:


Methods of laser therapy

In laser therapy, often used optical radiation of the infrared and red  ranges that is generated either in pulsed or continuous modes. The radiation power of 60 mW. Pulse frequency: from 10 to 5 tis. Hz. In clinical practice doctors vozrastut laser directly on the lesion and nearby tissue, segmental metameric and reflex zones and the place of projection of the posterior roots, the affected organ, biologically active points and motor nerves.

the contact method of conducting a procedure such as laser puncture. The emitter is mounted directly on the mucous membranes of the patient or his skin. There are 2 methods of laser therapy: labile and stable.

In labile technique the laser beam is moved randomly in the irradiated fields, in the stable emitter technique throughout the procedure is fixed (often contact) position.


the Therapeutic effect of laser therapy

Based on numerous data, the main therapeutic effects of this procedure can be considered:

  • stimulation of hematopoiesis;
  • correction of humoral and cellular immunity;
  • normalization of proteolytic activity;
  • the improvement of microcirculation of blood and its rheological properties;
  • the enhancement of nonspecific resistance of the body;
  • vasodilator action;
  • regulation hemostatice­cal potential of the blood;
  • normalization of oxygen-transport blood function, as well as its acid-base status;
  • the increase in blood antioxidant activity;
  • stimulation and normalization of regenerative processes;
  • normalization of energy, lipid, protein and carbohydrate metabolism;
  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • detoxification and anti-allergic effect;
  • the stimulation of radiation damage of intracellular DNA repair systems.

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