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What is an orthopedic pillow?

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Probably the majority of people used to sleep with a pillow under your head and it is not mere habit. In fact, the pillow need in order to provide the human spine during sleep position. Only in this way you can allow your spine to relax fully.

You can just for the sake of experiment, to try to sleep without this accessory. With all this the human spine is all the time will be in unnatural position and, with high probability, the person will be hurt the neck directly after waking up, and he would Wake up earlier than usual.

Supremely has been said that pillow to the right person, in order to ensure that during sleep the natural position of the spine. But that begs the 2nd question: "How the pillow fits the person and whether it is convenient?"

100 % factor testifies to the fact that the pillow was chosen incorrectly is that man in sleep much tossing and turning or even waking up, in order to improve it.

Often the man does not even imagine alternatives — from childhood he is accustomed to a standard square pillow and believes that the most important thing is to have something under his head.

However do not agree with podiatrists. They suggest to sleep on the pillow with orthopedic effect. Below we look at what it is and how it differs from the usual.


Conventional vs orthopedic pillow

Now, there is unreal a huge choice of pillows: flat and convex, soft, hard, square, and rectangular... But to find out which of these orthopedic pillows is absolutely not difficult.

it is Necessary to pay attention only to 2-VA factors:

  • material;
  • material of the pillow.

According to tradition, as a “stuffing” are used: polyester, down, feather, foam rubber and holofiber. It is a natural as well as artificial materials, combine 1 moment — the lack of head support. Form such pillows are often square or rectangular.

by the Way, tricky manufacturers often “mask” your orthopedic pillow directly below, making their products non-standard forms. However, unfortunately, this is a common marketing ploy and the extraordinary form does not give absolutely no advantage. Attention should be paid to the content.

Fillers in orthopaedic pillow may be used:

  • latex;
  • specpan orthopaedic, memory foam;
  • cooling spargel;
  • latex or the independent miniature springs.

in addition, manufacturers use cushions inserts possessing uniform. A distinctive feature of these materials - they are similar in their properties to the clay. When vozdeistvii weight of the human body they remember what their owner's body shape when that pressure disappears — pillow gradually restores the original shape.

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