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Healthy lifestyle - the concept of longevity

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the elderly many different diseases, and to facilitate their lives and help them cope, be sure to conduct different lectures, discussions with doctors, which would be a lot of necessary and useful advices.


 the doctors ' Advice is an invaluable help for older people

Live long and not get sick and slowly growing old human dream, as the saying goes: “I want half the can”. You need to adhere to an active lifestyle because it is able to prolong youth. And he, by the way, is available to everyone. We must learn to live “new century”, maintain a healthy lifestyle is the basis of the concept of longevity. Unfortunately, many have begun to take their health when time is lost, so a conversation with your doctor have a lot to give to the elderly. More useful information you can read and .

the Doctor also needs to touch new trends of modern medicine in our country and abroad, give appropriate recommendations on diets with various gastrointestinal diseases, maintenance therapy, modern methods of examination and diagnosis. Tell me specifically where and in what medical institution of your city, make appropriate surveys, tests and treatments that to provide first aid in emergency cases and also to answer all the questions from the audience, because at the time of admission in the doctor's office this is not possible due to lack of time.

It will be invaluable information for many people with disabilities who do not often have the opportunity to go to the doctors. They will receive guidance as “slow down” its desires, is not everything, don't always take chemical medications, and the use of more gentle methods of treatment that do not lead to complications. Learn how to maintain good health, to get rid of many diseases and thus not to cause harm.

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