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Why is treats children's teeth under anesthesia?

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Strange behavior of the child in early preschool age, not understanding the importance of dental procedures, partial or total absence of contact with a physician, inability to hold local anesthesia (other than to tie to a chair) leads to the fact that the parents refuse treatment baby teeth at the dentist.

In such cases, the only solution is the treatment under anesthesia, which eliminates the consciousness of the child and to minimize discomfort to cure a large number of the patients teeth and still and in one visit.

the Dental treatment of children under General anesthesia and has undeniable advantages:

  • Eliminates emotional stress in the child and protects the child's mind, if he is afraid of medical procedures;
  • the
  • Allows treatment of patients of all teeth during one visit;
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  • Addresses the violence against the child, unlike traditional non-contact treatment of children;
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  • Eliminates the need to perform local anesthesia (and a few times in different plots);
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  • Removes the feeling of fear during subsequent visits;
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  • Gives you the opportunity to implement preventive measures for healthy teeth in children of non-contact - professional hygiene, fissure sealing, fluoridation deep.

 Who are the doctors-implantologists?

Dentist-implantologist – one of the experts in the field of dentistry, to which we should contact if your oral cavity lost 1-in or more teeth. Experienced implantologist must offer their patients the most effective, safe and modern treatment, the purpose of which will restore all the functions of lost teeth, and a good attractiveness of the dentition using dental implants. If you are interested in more information you can visit the website:

In the dental practice, the practitioner often uses innovative titanium implants. Installed in the jawbone such elements differ, first and foremost, excellent biocompatibility directly with natural human tissues, and also provide a good fit.


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