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How to lose weight: tips

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For many ladies any holidays do not pass without a trace and leave behind not only a lot of good memories, and the hated extra pounds. But on the trail to panic! To regain the lost shape is not so difficult if you follow the simple recommendations.

for anybody not a secret that even the most ardent admirer of weight loss during the holidays often allow myself to eat delicious, which, of course, is reflected on the weight paraschuka. But experts advise not to panic and to follow the simple tips in order to quickly regain the lost form:

  • do Not resort to strict diets and starvation. During the holidays the body gets used to what you eat a lot and this food is high in calories, so a drastic restriction in the diet can be stressful to the body and lead to accumulation of fat, and not to the expected weight loss. It is best to sit on , because it will help your body to obtain all  necessary elements and thus gradually lose weight.
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  • Fasting days. Try to unsubscribe from junk food these days. Treat yourself to kefir, Apple, buckwheat or other such day in order to let your body rest and established his usual work after the holidays. These days may be 2 in a week, but not consecutive.eumenidae portions. For the holidays, without noticing it, you very often eat much more. Now you have to limit yourself: junk food, if you are unable to give it up, eat lunch, drink lots of water before a meal and not eat for 3-4 hours. to sleep.
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  • Easy diet. Fasting days, certainly very good, but easy diet also does not hurt. Watch your diet - eat more soups, refuse from flour, sweet, do not drink alcohol and carbonated drinks.
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  • Daily activity. Abstain from elevators, to walk long distances instead of riding a bus, try to set aside time for sports.
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  • Sleep. in addition, you will follow a diet and mobility, try to sleep properly. After all, for many, the lack of sleep becomes a cause of overeating and food disruptions.


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