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Love life - the best will be to see her

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eye Diseases often tell us that people turned a blind eye to events that happen to him, because he is afraid of losing something or someone.  it is also Possible that the person no longer wishes to look closely to everything that surrounds it. This situation can be pass phrases: "my eyes have not seen b", "I turn a blind eye", "evil eye", "eyes run", and so on. Even frequent use of the 1st or several similar statements can cause eye diseases or visual impairment. By the way, if you need more information you can visit the website:

In the case where illness prevents a person to see at a short distance, it means that he does not want to notice the processes that affect him personally and are associated with the body (e.g. may not notice that gets old her physical body). Sometimes it is life circumstances or inner circle - the partners, native. What a person sees, generates fear. Such fears hinder to objectively assess the events that occur and distort reality in his imagination. Person satisfied with the status quo when he really sees nothing beside him, as he has a sense of suspension. He did nothing to worry about.

If the eye disease makes it difficult to see at a far distance, this, in turn, means that a person is going through quite unreasonable anxiety, which is associated with its own future, or with those whom he loves. In his imagination float a terrible situation that probably never will be.

Any problem with the eyes reports that is to listen to your soul that the path you chose, the wrong. In your life nothing can change if you refuse to see the reality. You are afraid of someone or something to lose? In spite of this, you have to fight and try to cope with this situation. Perhaps you think that seeing all too well - that means you do not have the right to be wrong? Get rid of this belief, because it only hurts you. Without errors there are no experience, without experience there is no development.


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