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Why is oxygen the oxygen concentrator is the best solution to dentistry?

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it's simple: anesthesia is offered now is not the anesthesia, which was over 10 years ago, as the phone is not, or seal is not the same tooth or implant is not the same, which was 10 or more years ago.

Modern drugs allow you to administer anesthesia and anesthesia conduct solely on the time of the intervention, such as treatment of teeth in young children or dental implants in adults. Previously such drugs were not and had a lot of time for induction of anesthesia and removal from the anesthesia after the intervention. Modern drugs have a short validity period, which gives the opportunity to immediately after the intervention (surgery) to send patients home. This is why 70% of all surgical operations in the world is in a "single day" and do not require hospitalization.

Modern anaesthetic equipment can be called “smart” devices. "Smart" the machine "breathes" like the man - he knows who is before him - a child or an adult and adapts to the peculiarities of each individual person. Other devices continuously show the slightest changes in the body, for example, changes in heart rate or blood pressure levels.

Oxygen concentrator (oxygen)- modern unit, which produces oxygen (the world's only medical drug that is used in all without exception emergencies) replaces the presence of oxygen tanks. The presence of oxygen in modern hospitals is not a wish but a necessity!

All these and machines, and medicine (in modern anesthesiology is no one “miracle” of the drug, and the need to use multiple drugs simultaneously), managed by the anaesthetists. Dentist even the most skilled, not able to respond quickly to changes in the human body even during normal local anesthesia, if the anesthesiologist is no and equipment.

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