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Right pokuptsya. About scho need to know when pohod to the store

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Duzhe often lyudin not Vastu svo? rights lachey the fact scho not got neophane znani I arguments. Hoca Nuprin situat, vynikajuci regularly - navti of zvichayniy pohd to the store can obernutsya supereco. Nerdc staff store poruchu the law «About Zahist rights spojovacia”, and pokupec about TSE navti not pdosu. In Danny article mi of razberemsa, scho guilty of the nobility pokupec when pohod in the store shopping I respost us about TSE Varlamov K. E. - spivrobitnyky ROO Zahist rights spozhivachiv in Saint Peterburg ().


Wypadkowe of rozbity product

the Problem vosika prohod there is the toll-not only in small shops, but also in the great shopping. At such umovah whether hto Mauger wypadkowe, zachepichi I upustiti product. Ale hto guilty, opracowali in this case, rozbity jar, or a bottle? Often the store staff napolea, scho oplatit in CAS spawanie product pokupec guilty, however outside the law pdsfv for such vimoh no. So, the citizen vdpart spawanie nes for the goods only when nayavnost Premo provini. Yakscho well the product CCB neovisno of rozbity (ABO sche yakos postradal), the VSI zbytky vdesktop vlasnik, ie the store. Pokupec STA vlasnikom product after tilki Yogo pay for CAS.

Same fact for all the request ABO Napoleon requirements professionalism of the store s looking for power Varto Vdovin itinanim vdovoy, poilues on vastly blame. The real reason Mauger Buti strucnih in the aisles, Sliska pclogo, carelessly rasstavleny of the goods. Yakscho W predstavnik store napolea and SPR not vdatsya regulate, pokuptsiv Varto, zaproponowali should store in court. Without a ship rozpadu predstavnici torgovo merezhi mayut right, vimagati pay for the product only in that case, if pokupec visna their provino Pavan in the product I sale all dobrovolno, platiti.


Prostracii product

Levlen on the counter to store prostrating product rekomendatsi podoiti about TSE prodavca ABO adminstrator store. After addition of the shopping predstavnik pledge guilty immediately address in order obov'yazkovo, prebrati taqiy product z policy.

Yakscho well sauvagine nichto not zareagowa, then we postupice more radical: to do a picture of the product z wyczerpany termname przydatnosc that should in Resposiveness. For torgul prosrochennym goods it is assumed administrativni a fine of up to declick desadv tisyach rubles.


Price does not vdova cnico

Z zu problem often, stirayutsya pockepc products at great supermarkets: CNNIC specified one price, and when oplat on CAS fgure NSA. Often kasiri bipadosa Tim, scho stink on Crowthorne niyak not of uplyvayut, the prot pokupec in Dani situac all W Mauger vmstate svo? right I poprosite, vilicity adminstrator.

Note, scho vartist product, zaznachene on cnico, yea, a law publow proposito, coagulate shop Yak not got right. Moreover, CNNIC , zasobom formuvannia. So, the truth bude bots pokuptsya. Yakscho SPR not virsutine, you should from scarrow in Resposiveness.


Camera sberna without Primus

Not pockepc VSI know scho, savati the way into the chamber sberna - dobrovolna right skin. Often what to the store, visit the company s prapannam, saliceti the way in Kamer show, the prot primosole, silicate ‘hand Luggage» Zobov'yazany nichto, ASATI not Mauger. Furthermore, if the way still salishan in Kamer show, adminstrate the nes store for them pawno vdpart. Navti yakscho in shopping Sul, visit the company's about, zvorune.

Varto Takozh, dodati scho spivrobitnyky the store doesn't may zaboraviti pokuptsiv, zahodite to the store for another gabaritnye speeches - bags - because publons contract Rostro kupul-sale.


a Product has to snadobica systematic approach to Cassis

Dosit often, especially pid hour large-scale purchases from great shopping, pokupec vdtuv pochuttya spray ABO hunger, VDRIVE product I Viva Yogo (povnistyu ABO kV). Varto noted, scho zgidno iz law porsenna in take situac no. Smut, platiti product on cash for cnico ABO barcode. VSI pretens s side korontzi ABO NSA professionalism of the store takozh versity of Berezina packaging.


No zdac

Z such situaciu, castle for all stirayutsya pockepc small magazinchik I - kosku. Marketing propane rozmai Groshi here at custsrv. However, take the request yde brothrs iz law. For rsmn vdova management of the shop, Jake is guilty, zabezpechiti coserv, grosime for rozrahunkiv.

So, not possible vdovii CLT in pockepc through vastly SDAC. Sttouches z podboy situaciu, we salesite records from knit propositions I skarg. After zdachi addition, likely, Shvydko naidetsya.


to the nezakoyena, obsuk

obviousand in credits I vimos to hold obsuk s side professionalism of the shop should be dati vidsich I don't pogogames. I aharons INSHI predstavnici the store does not toil, povnovazhen absaloute vdduv - h function polaha in posterijen. Yakscho stink kogos pdout in credit, you may have wclips form porosity prodemonstrirovali VMT bags. When vdmos at the request of the stench mozhut, vilicity professionalism Paltz for the manual problems since. However, Varto nakadate, scho look around osobisty be conducted only spivrobitnyky Paltz ADN stat in prisutnost 2 ponatic to W samo stat.

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