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The mask, which gives the effect of Botox

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Oh, those nasty wrinkles. With them often has almost every woman. But there comes a time to decide for yourself, as from this issue very quickly to get rid of. Botox? About it many heard different. This is one of the most popular procedures, which smoothes out wrinkles.

But at what cost is achieved precisely this effect? Botox – it is, first and foremost, a very dangerous toxin that is produced from different kinds of bacteria that cause botulism. Botulinum toxin when it gets into the muscle, usually paralyzes her. In turn, obezdwijivanie muscle of the face can't move, and facial expressions is lost. Also with it and many wrinkles disappear. The effects of Botox often is effective only six months.


a Magical procedure

in order to preserve their health and beauty recommend the use of the magic procedure . About one today we learn in greater detail.


Mask from starch

a Homemade mask should be carried out through the day. The full course consists of 6-10 procedures. Finished mass is perfectly preserved in a cold place, such as in the refrigerator (but not more than 72 hours). Remnants of the mixture is usually removed with warm water. In order to dilute the mixture use a glass container.

We need:

  • Krahmal potato 15 g.;
  • the
  • carrot Juice 80 ml (fresh);
  • the
  • warm and Purified water to 100 ml;
  • the
  • heavy cream 25 grams.

Starch must be dissolved in 50 ml of water and then put it on the stove. When warming up doda another 50 ml of water. Gray mass until, until the turn gelatinous mixture. It cools and add the ingredients (those that are left). Applied to the skin only a thin layer. When the mask dries, it is necessary to apply the second layer, and then the third. Rest for about 20 minutes. At the end of the skin you need to apply almond oil. This mask from starch instead of Botox for the face nourishes the dermis, and it also tones and increases elasticity.


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