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Today treat hemorrhoids?

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Hemorrhoids called most common disease of the rectum. Itching and burning sensation around the anus, pain during bowel movements, discomfort are the symptoms that indicate the initial stage of this disease. Remember that when the 1st signs gamorra should immediately consult a doctor-the proctologist, who will evaluate your condition and determine the stage of hemorrhoids and the presence / absence of complications, and also will pick up individual treatment.


Methods of treatment

a disease like chronic hemorrhoids flowing quite slowly. Its main symptoms are bleeding, pain and itching, which occur only periodically. That is why mainly most people put off a visit to the proctologist, and try to relieve pain and inflammation independently.
today, there are a couple of modern methods of treatment of chronic  of hemorrhoids:

  • conservative (use of medication);
  • operational (departuredate, laser, radio-wave method);
  • non (ligation, sclerotherapy).

the Conservative method of treatment of this disease used often as a stabilizing therapy directly in the rehabilitation in the postoperative period, with acute hemorrhoids, as well as in exacerbations. This method is not used as an independent method of therapy.

Today surgical treatment of hemorrhoids so advanced and invasive, it is used in the majority of cases. Damage to the tissues using this method is minimal, this method is practically bloodless and surgery don't need General anesthesia.


Methods of surgical treatment of hemorrhoids:

  • Laser. This method is very effective and has advantages hemorrhoids removed for a short period of time, the procedure is virtually painless and it is enough only local anesthesia. After a couple of hours after surgery, the person can go home;
  • radio-Wave method. This method allows you to get rid of the disease quickly and painlessly. During surgery, eliminates scarring, the occurrence of bleeding and tissue damage. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia in an outpatient setting, and the patient almost immediately returns to a normal life;
  • Departuredate hemorrhoids. In this case, using special equipment find the arteries responsible for blood flow to enlarged hemorrhoidal nodes and then turn them off food. After this procedure, the nodes of "shrivel" and not cause more problems. This is the most modern, efficient and fastest method of all available to date. Main advantage: the almost complete absence of pain during the procedure and after it.

Bezoperatsionnye treatment of hemorrhoids:

  • Sclerotherapy nodes. With this method in hemorrhoid administered drugs-sclerosant that “glue” the walls of this node, which in turn leads to its desiccation;
  • Thrombectomy. It's a small surgery (using radio waves or laser) that runs for 1 day under local anesthesia and does not need hospitalization of the patient. During thrombectomy removes the clot from thrombosed hemorrhoids.


Use of effective modern methods of treatment of hemorrhoids in tandem with conservative treatment (use of candles, diets, medications and a healthy lifestyle) - guarantees you full freedom from hemorrhoid.

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