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This examination plays a leading role among all forms of use of Spezzano. This is 1 of the unique methods of obtaining valuable evidence that helps to establish the truth. The necessity to use it occurs when insufficient other forms of experienced persons.

According to the law, the judicial examination is called eksperto the study of material objects, processes and phenomena on the basis of spezzani that contains information about the circumstances of the case, which is in the production of judicial and pre-trial investigation and inquiry.


2 There are ve kinds of legal expertise:

  • psychiatric;
  • medical.

the Holding of this 2 species of forensic examination is assigned to: investigator, person conducting the inquiry, the Prosecutor or in the ship order.


Forensic medical examination

It is a practical, a scientific study carried out by the expert by court decision or by order of the competent authorities and involves some biological and medical questions. By the way, in Moscow to conduct an independent forensic examination will help you "MCAO" on the street Elektrozavodskaya 20.

This examination includes:

  • examination of material evidence;
  • examination of the corpses of suspected use of violence or when a violent death;
  • the examination of living (the accused, victims and other persons.

Forensic psychiatric examination

It is to a practical, scientific study by the expert by court decision or by order of the competent authorities in order to answer the questions that arise about the mental state of a person in the exercise of civil, criminal and administrative cases.

Main tasks of forensic-psychiatric medical evaluation:

  • the Definition of procedural capacity in civil and forensic investigation (criminal) processes;
  • the Definition of insanity of a person for the committed criminal act;
  • Determination of incapacity of the person for committing a specific action or in the period of exacerbation of mental illness;
  • Recommendations for compulsory medical measures;
  • the Prediction of the possible course of mental illness;
  • the Definition of mental contraindications for a person serving punishment in the colony.

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