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Laser hair removal: what is it

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the Problem of hair removal on the face and body is common enough, and no longer has sex. The desire to remove hairs on the face or body can be caused by various reasons, ranging from aesthetic unattractiveness, ending for personal hygiene. By the way, if you want to learn , then it can be done and on the website:

There are many methods of hair removal. But, as in other areas of our life, we try to find the most permanent method that will deliver us from the problem to the maximum possible. Hair removal by laser has long taken a leading position among all hair removal methods. Every day ​​the popularity of laser hair removal grows. This is not surprising, as the results of this method significantly surpass all his predecessors.


Laser hair removal has a number of advantages that do not leave indifferent:

  • Lack of redness and itching;
  • the
  • Low sensitivity and hair removal forever is only a few of the arguments that distinguish it from the same wax.

hair Removal by laser hair removal, unlike other methods, can be attributed to the methods that have permanent effect. At the moment, it allows you to remove hairs for long term.


What kind of laser is usually performed the procedure?

Laser technology long enough has found its application in medicine and for several decades, their use in cosmetics. For hair removal on face and body there are a large number of lasers. Many of them have fundamental differences. That is why when choosing a salon, be sure to check out their equipment. It was from him will depend on the performance of the procedure.

Very commonly used diode lasers of the latest generation Light Sheer American Lumenis company. They are able to remove hair on any skin that makes them almost universal. As the laser is able to remove as pigmented light and dark stiff hairs.


 Laser hair removal «Gold Standard”

If You have dark, pigmented hairs, this kind of removal You perfect. Parameters laser power in this case show the maximum results in hair removal of dark hairs. The rate of hair removal has on average 4 to 8 sessions, after which You will get smooth skin. To ensure the permanent effect of smoothness, you need to make support sessions every 1.5-2 years. The procedure time depends on the area that You do. Also, depending on the zone change and the cost (price) laser hair removal.


 Laser hair removal "Exclusive"

This kind of epilation is performed on the diode laser. It is designed to remove soft vellus hairs with pigment. These hairs are usually located on the face, abdomen and chest. Some people they also occur on the hands and feet. The removal of such hair by standard methods requires pre-shave is for many unacceptable. Laser hair removal "Exclusive" is performed on the regrown hair, so shaving the hairs before the procedure, especially on the face, it is not necessary.


Nano hair removal

This is a radically new method of hair removal. It is designed to remove hairs that are devoid of pigment-melanin. It can be as simple blonde hair and gray. The removal of such hair by laser is impossible. The method not only effectively removes hair, but also with each procedure reduces the number of them. As a result, after 5-10 treatments, You get smooth skin for a long time.


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