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Diagnoses and treats leeches

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Through the hands of Nina Nechyporuk from Moscow have been thousands of people. Woman more than 50 years worked as a paramedic at one of the plants. And when he retired, it was treated with an unconventional medicine. She is convinced that if he could unite science and knowledge passed on from generation to generation, it would be much less sick. And while some representatives of official medicine wary of treatments Nina Ivanovna. Although her patients were teachers and Opera singers, the clergy, and even doctors themselves.

Nina Ivanovna well over seventy. However, she looks younger and says that never in the hospital, not lying, is that only when having children. She prefers unconventional methods of treatment, although not denied by the official medicine. After all, and she is majoring in paramedic, has over 50 years of experience: was in charge of a Wellness item for repair plant. And even then, was interested in the herbs that grow on our meadows and in the forests, but the sick workers put leeches. By the way, in Moscow it is possible here:

- Then, - he says - no such diseases as of now. And the diagnosis can be delivered much faster. Although it is not a problem. I by nature have a high aura. I learned about this 20 years ago when vacationing in the Crimea, where one of the devices was determined. When I approached him, the doctor said, "Depart you disabled the device...” And added that I can diagnose. Actually, I do respond to people - it's hard to live. Especially those who have negative energy. This people are cunning, devious. Through they are attacked by cough. Recently, a woman called from Italy. And I never cease bohicket. She advised: ‘Heal, I.... " But I can't say that I am because of her cough. Do not look “Battle of psychics» anything about Kashpirovsky, because once your head starts to hurt.

Nina Nechyporuk two years attended a course of bioenergiesysteme and folk medicine. Institute of alternative medicine has been certified and licensed for their activities.

- So work officially, pay taxes, - the woman tells. - Although there were many inspections, and some now say that they are engaged in quackery. However, much more those who trust me - people go, I call. I do not presume to counsel patients.

- why do You think the person is sick?
- Another ancient physician Paracelsus argued that there are two causes of diseases, injuries and something invisible from the ground. But nobody is studying. But it climbed into space. The atomic set up, but the positive energy of the earth is not used. Although there are periods when the bowels secrete and negative energy. Only spiritual persons can cope with the flows. More people get sick not only for their sins but for the sins of their ancestors. This is especially true of cancer. But if one lives right, follows the laws of God, goes to Church, many of the problems can be overcome.

Nina says that health depends on where the person sleeps. Her husband died at 37 years of age. The wife is convinced that courses in Moscow (took seven months), he slept in the negative zone. Came out of there exhausted, and the doctors were already powerless - he died. Therefore, a woman advises people to protect themselves, lay under a bed of bamboo or rye (straw must be collected by the harvester) mats. Worth watching and the cat (he will never go where it's dangerous).


Parasites - the problem of our time

Nina Nechyporuk diagnoses a person by the method of biolocation. Previously, all the sores of others felt in their bodies (sick). Now knows how to protect it.

- Today, so mankind has polluted the earth with chemicals and foolish inventions, and the number of diseases increased. And our planet in space, like Paradise, only we don't appreciate. And suffer for it. Now there are more people with spinal problems, deteriorating memory, several months to grow bone. All it is treated. Leeches and herbs, - says Nina Ivanovna. Before the Chernobyl accident in pharmacies leeches harvested from our local waters - ten cents apiece. Now you have to buy them abroad in a month to two thousand. Used thrown in the water.

Nina Nechyporuk stated that with the help of this ugly creation (as many believe) and herbs for a month can cure adenoma, fibromyoma, microinfarct, deal with bronchitis, cyst and get rid of many other ailments.

- Now almost all infected with Giardia and tapeworm. This is a problem of our time. All due to poor nutrition.

Patients Nina Ivanovna were Opera singers and priests, teachers and workers. And even the doctors who tested the knowledge of women. And then began to send to it and their patients (to confirm diagnosis). Through her hands passed thousands of patients not only from Russia but also from Ukraine and Belarus.

- I would like to have a little rest, because it is not needed. Want together with her daughter to create a rehabilitation or Wellness center to work with children, pensioners and teach them how to eat to protect yourself from parasites in the body, how to identify negative zones of the earth. After all, every person needs to worry about how he lives, eats, and how to relate to others and nature.

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