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The application of urine analyzer in prevention research

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urine Analyzer used in laboratories of medical and veterinary institutions with average attendance directly for screening urine test. When the number of visitors of these institutions is increasing must arise the need for expediting urine analysis and optimization. These problems can be solved with the help of semi-automatic and automatic analysers. By the way, to buy such equipment you can in the company "Intermedica": .

urine Analyzer operates on the multifunction test strips, directly from which it reads the necessary data.

the Predominant majority of such devices present with a compact device that tests carried out on the principle of reflective photometry in semi-automatic mode. With the help of these devices, you can examine the urine of a number of parameters, the qualitative method of assessing the presence of a specific component, namely:

  • pH of urine;
  • bilirubin;
  • %;
  • urobilinogen;
  • cells;
  • leukocytes;
  • protein;
  • specific gravity urine;
  • ascorbic acid
  • and nitrates.

In clinical veterinary practice urine analysis, which is performed at the primary diagnostic examination of animals, gives the opportunity to see latent the disease, especially the kidneys. Thus, it can be assumed pyelonephritis, and nephrotic syndrome on the basis of hardware studies of urine composition. And sometimes the review of acidity in cats, will give the opportunity to see the tendency to the formation of urolithiasis, which does not manifest itself in the early stages.

the operation of the urine analyzer automatically make the right corrections for the acid-alkaline balance, illuminance, ambient temperature and urine color. Digital data processing system and a special color sensors eliminates the shortcomings associated with poor lighting in the premises conducting such studies and individual perception laboratory technicians.

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