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How to choose a device for measuring blood pressure?

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Now the “gold standard” in order to measure blood pressure is called the method “sounds of Korotkoff”, which is recognized by the world health organization. This method is the basis of methods of blood pressure measurement, approved by order of Ministry of health of Ukraine.

According to this methodology, the measurements are always performed on the right person's hand. The examinee must sit quietly before measuring not less than 3-5 minutes. If, during the pressure measurement, the arrow is between the two marks, take into account the short upper steam figure. The pressure is measured twice with an interval of 2-3 minutes and with two measurement record the average figure. By the way, if you are interested in more , then more information can be found on the website:

an Important characteristic of the tonometer as a means of measuring equipment is its accuracy. At this rate, it is important to pay special attention. The absolute error of pressure gauge – is the value which is often given in the operational documentation of the manufacturer, or specified in the certificate of calibration of tonometer, issued by authorized organization. It should not be confused with measurement error in blood pressure of any person.

With the use of automated devices there is the methodical error caused by various factors, among which the human factor plays a minimal role. However, it should be noted that in medical practice all the portable automated pressure meters does not find a special application.

Automated tools that have a satisfactory measurement error in blood pressure in healthier people, often incorrectly determine the pressure in people who usually suffer from cardiac arrhythmias and other cardiovascular disease. So the consumer is best to verify the credibility of the testimony of “machine”, peramera its pressure using the method Korotkov tones. We also recommend periodically checking home blood pressure monitors. This procedure is mandatory for devices used in medical institutions, the frequency of calibration of sphygmomanometers and once a year.


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