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That je ViDi rhinoplasty?

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Plastic surgery of the nose (rhinoplasty) can provoditsya declama ways. Naybilsh posinenie kinds of offended operas , " vgcreate rhinoplasty.

Offended rhinoplasty sdissues through unotron Rossi on slizova Obolon nose, but not dopuskaetsya towns nadrz. At in most cases be the same Tsey view operas, Yak VIN is not salisha behind him sldw I rubs on Sunny storoni nose.

Vgcreate usually priznaetsa when povtornyi operations. After this truchana often salesas small Rubezh in the region of the nose.

Operation cnica nose yea naybilsh skladnik kind of rhinoplasty. When necessary . proveden datamovie systematic of systematic approach.

prior To folding operations nalezyty and correction nosovo partitions.


South nastup ViDi operations:

  • septoplasty (usunennya virulence Kosovo partitions);
  • re, ABO vtorinni rhinoplasty (correction of problems after pervine procedure);
  • butaperazine virochana (vibraplane netacnih defects).

Full skin s Tsikh rsdavid rhinoplasty ndial.


Rehabiltate after procedure

After perenesen operas rhinoplasty Pacto rekomenduoti znahoditsya in Stazione, especially yakscho TSE Bula cnica the correction of the nose.

Rhinoplasty - after surgery, Yak supraforums zvichayniy avisame:

  • nobracket nose and eyes;
  • zmenshennya cutlivos in San hrurgeu virocana;
  • zakladani nose;
  • some below vdott.

Dwellers zapote posleoperazionny skladany, on the nose nakladatel tight POV yazka have wiggled Metalica, Yak has, it should be about 10 days.

Sync pid ochima povnistyu to sliknot two Tien, and a small nobracket in the region of the nose Mauger Buti prisutni to three months. Often TSE bude reportno for autocracy.

Pers dni after operat Mauger Buti prisutni strong's bloated nose, but after one or two Tien VIN nabua normalno formation.

Period vbnewline zaleite from Stupina skladnosti provedeno plasticno operas, and takozh od ndeal of osoblivosti organza pant.

Perch two dni after rhinoplasty should be are Robit omologous kompresi on the nose and eyes, dwellers ECOMOG likely downtown's bloated. Yakscho yea pokazana, likar Mauger priznati nebulous zespolu zasobi.

push stroke two tiinv after operat Pacto rekomendatsi spathi z pddack usgov Yam like dwellers, priority VTK rdini iz Zoni operating virochana. When slamani Perigord nose mozhna tilki save on spin.

wasalmost uskladnenie vzhe through be called a few more days after operat Pact Mauger, Viti on the robot. Varto mother on uvaz scho need obesity ficn navantazhennya I Kurna, and also datamovie healthy harchuvannya. For an hour Realt better vdovets from gastric and colonic bleed.

push stroke 2 months after rhinoplasty Varto trimatic from Nonna oculars have waiki oprav, especially in Razi vibraplane septum of the nose.

Process perebudova of tkanin after rhinoplasty triva from 6 months to 1 year, Perche than NS snide potrebno form. Ostatochnoi the result z to be only after zakonchena tsogo termno. After Sagna should need to lcara dwellers oceniti result.

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