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Psychologist's advice: how to start living differently

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All human problems are drawn to us from childhood, psychologists say. Insecurity, ongoing conflicts at work, failed personal life, and even increased anxiety in their children all this is the legacy that we received from our parents. Most of the plants, which received in childhood, determine features of human behavior are already in adult life circumstances.

human Behavior often consists of the conscious and subconscious - of what once was part of us closest people - parents. It is unconscious eating, which affects the relationship to ourselves, others and life. Sooner or later it will manifest itself. More information you can learn .


What do we do then?!

Marina, 36 years: “I often say that I have a poor appearance, thick legs and a long nose. Perhaps mum was right when he said that we should eat less. Otherwise I would have already been married. I find it hard to decide even to buy a new shirt. Now my friend Svetlana is always something I pick up - it has taste, unlike me. And at work I many do not like, probably because of my looks, so there I have no friends ... ”

a Quiet loser. Marina is a normal, very attractive woman. But enough worries about teenage problems. As it turned out, as a child she had problems in communicating with parents. Mother pressured the daughter to impose their point of view. The family had deep feelings, the parents were treated contemptuously, and to the child. “Well, what is it simple! Well, that kind of nose? That's not lucky daughter ”, often heard Marina. That “learned” the role of the quiet loser and is now playing her whole life.

solutions. There are situations in which we have to make their own decisions: to buy new shoes, or go on a diet, to marry Sergei or Peter ... it is Necessary to reset the “fixation on the past” and start living a real life. To destroy the complex burden: “Yes, in my childhood, my upbringing, parents said. And did it not effectively provided the wrong installation, so I don't have everything in adult life ”. As a child you have not experienced enough love, did not feel its importance? So, I was. You have grown up and can give yourself a sense of worth, to love yourself because you are who you are. You have to choose and make decisions.


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