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"Photostim" - the newest drug for the prevention of cancer

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BAD "photostim” is the newest product for photodynamic therapy. Contained in this product chlorophyll has anti-cancer effect (it destroys the cancer (modified) cells and the same time generally increases the level of immunity of the human body). In addition, “photostim” is also used as a preventive treatment for people with aging, reduced potency and impaired immunity. In Moscow you can buy in the online store:

by the Way, did you know that every 16 seconds. on Earth one man ill with cancer? With all this, even in a developed country like the United States of America, there is still no 100% effective methods and drugs for cancer treatment.


the causes that increase the risk of cancer include:

  • improper diet;
  • stress;
  • increased work load;
  • environmental contamination;
  • the use of a mobile phone;
  • age-related immune decline.

All educated people know that any disease is much easier to suppress on initial stages or to prevent than to treat, when it is developed.

unfortunately, a panacea from oncological diseases to date, NO, really, everyone has the chance to help your body not to get sick or to strengthen his fight this disease.

Restoration  the medical complex "photostim" is the result of knowledge-intensive new technology - step of modern medicine in the third Millennium.

as the active substance, this drug contains a set of components (chlorophyll derivatives), which are derived from vegetable raw materials by unique special technology.


SUPPLEMENT "photostim" is indicated for:

  • persons with weakened immune systems;
  • persons with a risk of degeneration of precancerous lesions (foci displeasing, leukoplakia) and benign dermatoses (papillomas, warts, moles) in the cancer disease;
  • cancer patients who have malignant tumors of various stages;
  • the elderly with the aim of improving the resilience of their body oncological diseases;
  • persons who have had massive surgery, radiation and chemotherapy (for early recovery of their body during the rehabilitation period).

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