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Scho Takeo ultrasound?

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0 2009

Ultrazvukove dozen (US) - TSE Dolce will organ I tkanin for DOPOMOGA of ultrazvukovy hvil. Dunn dozen not peredacha vvedennya whether yakih kontrastnykh rain in orgasm, and takozh not poruchu Clint SCRI. Ultrazvukove hvili vdumaytes from neodnorodnykh organs I tkanin, next obramlyayetsya on comp uter, after chogo vividata screen from wyglad image srsu tkaniny. By the way, in SPb to buy ultrasound scenery you can .


Danian method is widely zastosovuyutsya for:

  • dagnostika RSNA zakhvoryuvan;
  • naglyadu for Perego watnot;
  • once effektivnost treatment.

Yak dBase procedure?

Hvori lagu on the couch. For more tsego contact sensor z screw likar apply to ne special gel. Without tsogo gel image will wkra necdin. For ultrasound okremih organs necessary to enter the sensor in organsm pant.


Pagetofame organsm for US to just dosite:

  • Dolce organ Cerino Poronin be franc, empty slunk;
  • Dolce inochi of statevich organs, perempuan salasi I sechovy mhura got stesnyatsya when pounamu sechovy mhour;
  • Dolce molochnyh the conductive sales on the 5th - 7th day of the menstrual cycle.

In General, the Dunn procedure triva not > 15 min.


UZD vykorystovuyutsia:

  • For the proposed escoger head;
  • For the proposed position krestalica vimiryuvannya rozmow eyes;
  • For once mill flow, rosmeri pence, and also dodnt " , the structure of viviti whether that SMN;
  • For viyavlennya will Govoni duct I avonova mhura: tosini Stec, h rozmow, Projet TA I n.;
  • For once centurv. I rozmow pdsolve salasi viyavlennya RSNA novootvoreni;
  • For the proposed structure of I'm nyroc, viyavlennya RSNA zapalnych process, novootvoreni, I kamenu changes after chronic Chi gastric zakhvoryuvan of niroc;
  • For the proposed CST, wuslu structure changes ( a rozmiru sitewide salasi;
  • Masi proposed that sorokovkina statnot serca, RSNA patolog, tromba puchline;
  • For the proposed line watnot I to control RSNA stage for mill fruit;
  • for pain in the legs when hadb when cukrovou debut when oslablen vastness pulse on galkovich arteries, bezposrednio after chrurch, truchan in arter ng the IR. conductive ultrasound Sudin;
  • For Svojanov proposed resonantly zakhvoryuvan, slojna dobrejci novootvoreni I after abortion conductive organs ultrasound examination of small pelvis;
  • For Svojanov viyavlennya slojna I dobrejci novootvoreni conductive ultrasound molochno salasi.

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