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Innovations in dentistry

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Quite rare today to meet someone who has never been to the dentist. We turn to the dentist for a checkup, for the treatment, prosthetics and extractions, to correct jaw defects, lack of problems with occlusion and the like.

Modern dentistry is rapidly evolving, and long gone terrible drill from “good” a sound, which almost everyone was afraid in childhood. Every year specialists and improve the system of prosthetics. And various methods of pain relief and the latest equipment make a visit to the dentist as comfortable and useful. By the way, more information about dentistry you can learn .


New implantation of teeth: what it is?

Implantation of the teeth is really a breakthrough in dentistry. It allows patients to abandon the use of removable dentures. Unlike a standard prosthesis when implantation is not necessary to grind the neighboring teeth do not need to put bridges or crowns.

implantation of teeth, allows you to restore a beautiful and natural smile even to those people who do not have any teeth. Because dentures - something quite inconvenient as physiologically and psychologically. The implant can serve the patient for more than twenty years, and one does not need to worry that an artificial jaw could fall out, you don't need to limit yourself to eating solid food. Also improving aesthetics - an implant looks like a tooth.

the implant is an artificial support, which is made of biologically compatible with the tissues of the organism and titanium screw that is implanted in the bone of the upper or lower jaw. On it is fixed a crown that fully replaces a lost tooth. In General, implantation procedure is a multistep process, the outcome of which depends not only on the doctor and patient.

After all, there are a number of features of hygienic care of teeth at different times after implantation. Still in the initial stage, it is first necessary to eliminate existing sources of infection in the oral cavity: to treat caries, remove calculus, and heal the gums.
In favor of implantation is evidenced by the absence of serious contraindications. The only exception is severe chronic diseases, Oncology and AIDS. Temporary contraindication can be and pregnancy.

by the Way, today the cost of implantation of the teeth - not exorbitant. Recently the procedure for "implantation" of the tooth is not only for millionaires or Hollywood stars.

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