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What kind of cleansing of the body

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body cleansing is necessary for all people, because all the excretory organs skaplyvaetsya toxins, which in turn leads to poor health, the worsening of mood and decreased activity. It is therefore extremely important and shows even a healthy body.


How to clean your body?

Different methods of cleaning the body, the 1st and foremost begin with cleansing the bowel, then liver, then kidneys. To explain this cleaning procedure is very simple. The fact is that these excretory organs, which is why they most zachekanivajut.

Only after cleaning the excretory organs, you can start cleansing the blood. By the way, at this stage you can stop, because good circulation will purify other bodies. Since blood displays various products of metabolism - it cleanses the joints, muscles, skin, and other organs.

I must say that the bowel is partially self-renewing organ. Cleaning with enema is not encouraged traditional medicine. And healers, on the contrary, I believe a cleansing enema an excellent method of cleaning the body of toxins.

in Order to cleanse the bowel, initially it is necessary to restore normal peristalsis. You need to eat foods rich in fiber, drink a lot of fluid and to work out every day press.

by the Way, bowel function is directly related to the work of the pancreas and liver. In order to intestines functioned as a watch should last a pancreas and a liver. These organs secrete all the necessary substances and enzymes in the intestines that could digest food.

If the gallbladder and liver will function normally, then they will allocate required quantity of bile which participates in the digestion of food and enters the small intestine.


cleansing, consider the following rules:

  • Eat a lot of fiber in your food;
  • Common diet, food should be taken in small portions;
  • as much As possible drink water;
  • Do gymnastics and to swing the abdominal muscles;
  • Take herbs that stimulate the pancreas and liver;
  • you should Not use enemas on a regular basis.


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