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The laser scalpel without the treated varicose disease: new treatment

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the New treatment, which has forced to forget about a scalpel, the laser treatment . Technological progress today has led to the fact that started a revolution in the treatment of varicose veins. She, in turn, allows to introduce in everyday practice of modern achievements specifically in the field of non-surgical medicine.

the Method is simple, a little traumatic, and most importantly - it does not require any incisions or anesthesia. As a result of this procedure is complete obliteration of the affected varicose veins with the future of her disappearance.

Another method is sclerotherapy, when in the lumen of the affected vein the injection is administered necessary medical drug - sclerosant, after which the patient is placed in medical compression hosiery, and he can go home.

the Whole process of treatment, which is already operation will not be called, begins with the doctor-phlebologist begins produces the layout of all visible varicose veins, a specialist of ultrasonic diagnostics, in turn, determines the inherent pathological venous discharges, he further clarifies the size and progress of varicose veins. After produced proper installation of the fiber around the vein under ultrasound control beginning introduces the very weak solution of lidocaine or other anesthetic, which allows you to make the procedure of laser treatment is almost painless. Subsequently, the fiber is gradually withdrawn from a vein and is fully "brewed" it. Repeat that after this procedure the patient can immediately pack up and go home.

One of the benefits of treatment in a good and a specialized center is that patients receive a free annual monitoring results of the treatment that was performed. In addition, the goal of treatment is considered complete elimination of varicose syndrome. Besides, additional treatment sessions of sclerotherapy and laser treatment (if required) are free of charge.


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